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January 2010



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Doors of Prague

At the risk of looking similar to one of those "doors of" posters (which, however, I have to say I sort of like), I thought I might post some of our photos of doors. We have SO many wonderful images, most of which never get into a card or book, so it's nice to show some here. It's still slightly amazing to me that we walk past things like this every day.

The pictures are also a bit of an apology for not replying to all posts yet - just a lot going on and I need to catch up. It's not that I don't care!

If you like these, I'll try to post more at regular intervals this month. These are just drawn at random - the doors here are truly extraordinary.


Our own door has a pelican over it! Mind-you, don't get TOO envious because it's a slightly ugly 1930s modernist pelican - I assume the original Baroque one flew away.

I'll post more :)
Ohhhh, those are amazing. Yes, please more. In the top picture - is that thing between the door and the window made for being able to shoot out while staying protected? I've seen things like that in castle diagrams - can't remember what they're called.
I'm honestly not sure what that opening is for - I'll ask Alex but yes, it does look like the holes they have in castles for firing out of (there are many, many of those at Prague Castle).

There is one house here that actually still (for real) has the cannon-balls from the 27th century Swedish invasion lodged in the walls. When I take people to see it they can't quite take it in - but it's genuine.
Er, I mean the 17th century ;)

Either than or Ooer - maybe I am unknowingly going into prophecy mode (which reminds me that I need to find out more about the female Seer of Prague - she was a bit doom and destruction but she did foresee television among other things - pretty good for a medieval seer).
That's funny! I was wondering if you had some source of inside information - or some new card set that was REALLY amazing.
Yes, Alex reminded me that all these doors are in the Castle ("Castle" here means something like a fortified village, full of palaces, churches, a cathedral and numerous streets). So indeed, that slot is for shooting through. Cunning design when you think about it.
I love things like this, so please do post more.
Will do then! I just fished out my "Baroque Big Bird" door photos - that door has to be seen to be believed so that's for tomorrow with any luck.
GORGEOUS! more please. :)
See above :) and stand by for THE strangest door in this whole town.
I love these. More, please. I love what I assume are family coats of arms on the second one. You see that in Spain, also.
I have some close-ups of those somewhere - I'll try to post them. Shields like this are relatively unusual in Prague, more typical are the doorsigns of things like "The red lamb" and "The white turnip" (one of my favourites that, must have been an unpretentious family).
cool! when i was there in february i took a bunch of door photos! really nice doors they got there!
Did you see the giant Moor Boys on Nerudova? They are fabulous. Totally un-PC but SO remote in time that they just seem like pure decoration now. I love their huge toes somehow.

and here I thought I was a freak

because years ago I found myself taking pictures of doors.

Hooray....I am normal.

Re: and here I thought I was a freak

It's if you DON'T take pictures of doors that you need fear for your sanity. Doors are naturally photogenic (and atmospheric).

Or are we both mad?
Thank you! Now I will have to make a trip to Prague, I am a fanatic for doors.
Lovely doors.

Bonus points for pictures that have cats sitting in front of doors.

The challenge is on!
I adore shots of buildings and such.

Doors & Cats ...


Outstanding pics! Second the vote for more doors ... with cats in front of them! ;-)