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January 2010



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Doors of Prague - part two

Sorry, feeling a bit virusy today - Alex is rather off-colour so I hope we aren't about to get summer colds or anything (yuck). So no "Big Baroque Birds" tonight as that requires quite a few files to give the sense of the sheer scale of it. Here instead are two doors - elements of both have been used on our decks (oh a thought, I could run a competition to ask people to identify the decks and cards that have elements from various photographs - hmm, might do that in the autumn, it would be fun). Anyway, enjoy these:

Modern door in ancient doorway - but then most of the wooden doors have probably been replaced about once a century after all, and this will soon darken down.

Marvelous door at the side of St Vitus Cathedral. Sadly taken away this year and replaced with a reproduction (well, I suppose they have to - otherwise it might be hard to protect it). Glad we got photos before it vanished into a museum.

Close-up - amazing isn't it?

One last one for today - "At the Sign of the Pink Swan". I would LOVE the door to my apartment house to look like that (apartment bells can be seen on the left). I'd probably never move.


before I go looking for ODCB (our outdoor cat)

I just wanted to say thanks for this array of doors.

Re: before I go looking for ODCB (our outdoor cat)

I'm so glad you're enjoying them. There is something almost uplifting about the doors here.
Thanks you so much for posting these pictures. They are lovey. They remind me of my father who liked Prague, and often took pictures of doors. I took pictures of mailboxes in England, the red ones. They have something nostalgic and romantic. The close-up of the doors of the St.Vitus: beautiful. Thanks again.
You're most welcome - how lovely that your father photographed the doors here too. Some of the doors here are almost impossible to walk past without smiling, we're so lucky to have all this around us.
Look at that great sun over the first doorway. I love it!

But the pink swan is the BEST! Thanks for posting these because I´m really enjoying the details.
Wonderful! Keep them coming!


fantastic thing you are doing

Hi all!

Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Enamored of Doors!

Doors needed to be capitolized. ;-) I love these doors ... especially the treatment at the far top of the first door. Absolutely fascinating!


Re: Enamored of Doors!

Yes, that sun over the first door features in Tarot of Prague - it's just such a wonderful sun isn't it?

I'm so glad that you're finding these interesting. It's actually great to show off some of the city. A friend here once said to me that just walking around this area is a banquet for the eyes - so true.

Re: Enamored of Doors!


I saw that Sun, and immediately the whole "Green Man" thing raced through my mind! If Amazon.com had behaved, I would have the "Tarot of Prague", and would know that this is where it came from. ;-) I had to cancel my order with them ... it was taking way too long. I added that deck to an order for your two Special Edition Gold decks, which made me very happy. :) Hopefully, that order went through alright, and they are on their way.

Beautiful. I love these pictures of doors...who knew such a mundane thing as a door could be so amazing.

I want doors like this.
You will have to begin building. This one is only 100 years old or so - REAL Art Nouveau - shows you what it was really all about.

ps - don't you just love the little standard fir-tree in its plastic pot. I mean, if that was your door, is that what you'd put in front of it?


you do iz besz


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!




Hi all!

Nice site man! This will be my first time visiting. Keep up the great work. Thanks much!