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January 2010



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Art Nouveau Door Fest today

One of these is in my comments below, but just so that you won't miss it. We have so much Art Nouveau here that we are almost blase (as a friend of mine once said of another friend's cat sleeping under a GROANING kitchen table filled with party food like salmon and roast chicken - in visual feast terms I feel like that cat at times.)

Some of these are not great photos as they date right back to our first digital camera. Oh, and be warned - this could go on and on, this is a mere tiny fraction of what's around here.

WHY can't we do whimsical, makes-you-smile-just-to-walk-in doors nowadays?

This detail isn't actually from the door above (couldn't find that) but it's in style so...

THIS is a door to "Lucerna" the turn of the century shopping centre that is still going strong.

And this is a "from inside" shot of another door in the same location as the first ones above - we just walked in and took it, no-one minded.


I'm enjoying these ...
what street is the facade with the owls on?
Good question. We took that one years ago but I think it's on Smetanovo Nab. I can ask Alex - he has a far better memory for location than I have.

but these are wonderful- wondrous- so so cool.


like you care-- those are my favorites. :) hee
Don't choose favourites just yet - lots more to come in the next few days!

Doesn't that dog look woe-begone? We used him in our Tarot of Prague Knight of Pentacles as he just looks depressed (one of the potential meanings of that card). Poor guy, I always feel like giving him a biscuit when I walk past!
You have GREAT doors! Thanx for sharing. 8-]

okay now

I think you are trying to win best person on my LJ friend's list. These photos are a delight.

Have a great day.
I've told my relative who is going to be in Prague later this month to be on the lookout for wonderful doors!
Absolutely - and tell them also to look UP - people walk past some amazing stuff just because it's at roof-top level.
I love the gate in the doorway in the first picture.

And that stained glass!
These are all so amazing. You really should post them also to doorwindowwall and art_nouveau.
More charming doors! In NYC we have the most humdrum doors but treat our pigeons to a wealth of architectural detail that's all but ignored by the locals. Looking up is the badge of a tourist. One of these days I am going to take my camera and play tourist!
Yes, I noticed that about New York - here too it's important to look up.

What I love about doors here though is that you never know what you'll see when you look inside (our doors often lead to passageways into courtyards rather than internal hallways). I've become very nosey and now always go through the passageway doors when they are left often as long as no-one seems to object, they are sort of public after all. I've made some extraordinary finds that way.
wow! you really do have some beautiful doors, but those doors to Lucerna area absolutely amazing! I love them!