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January 2010



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Doors of the Day

If these are too big please tell me and I'll put some under a cut.


I can't blelieve I've never been to Prague. I worship every single door you've posted so far!!!
Hah! Yes, it's hard not to become a bit of a door obsessive here.
Wow! The detail is just incredible!

"Gateway" Doors :)


These doors, and the history that must be behind them, are incredible! What a great book these doors would make. :) (Trying to look innocent, here.)

The last door is quite fully described in the book "Praga Hermetica" (English version is available too). The door (or may be portal is better word?) is explained as Mistic Core of Prague there.

I am not sure if you've read this book, but it seems that the house of "Two Golden Bears" has some real magic inside.
Actually, I haven't read it - but I must. I was terribly disappointed by both 'Esoteric Prague" and "Praga Mysteriosa" but recently someone said some interesting things about the author of "Praga Hermetica", so I should give it a try.

According to at least two other authors, we are living in the mystic core of Prague by the way (we are at the very summit of the series of Alchemical Door signs that lead to the Castle) but I only partly subscribe to this.
Hm. "Praga Hermetica" is exactly about the series of Alchemical Door signs leading to the castle. So I don't know if you will like it. :)

I understand your disappointment with "Esoteric Prague", but I rather liked the "Praga Mysteriosa". For me as very beginner it was very interesting to read chapters about sacral geometry of the city and the astral symbolic of the Bridge Tower.
Well, I will buy Praga Hermetica I think. Perhaps I am being unkind to Praga Mysteriosa - but I just didn't find the sacred geometry stuff convincing - there are so many other geometric formulations you could apply to the same space. Nice description of the Bridge Tower though, I agree with you there.

Fun talking about this!
I like to talk about it too!
May be we will find some time in near future to meet and discuss this topic. It will be great to know your opinion about the description of Hermetic and Mystic sides of Prague in some Czech books.
I am really enjoying these door posts! I make fairy doors and these are very inspiring.
Oh, I just had a look at your journal (sorry, I am just not great at keeping up with LJ) - some gorgeous imagery! Do you post the Fairy Doors here, I'd love to see. I'm glad our Prague doors are good inspiration.
Oh I love all of these doors! I go to Prague one day. That last door is gorgeous. The bears are wonderful! I wish I had a door like that, or a picture.

don't be silly door pictures

are openings...to another place or time...not something to be closed off from view.
I´ve been away and have jut now seen your latest door posts. Just wanted to tell you how much I´ve enjoyed these and also how much I´s love to visit Prague to take in all the lovely detail myself.They´re magnificent!
Thanks for doing these.