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January 2010



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Okay - the BIG Baroque birds

This is my very favourite door. I always imagine the conversation between the architect/sculptor and the owner:
"So, I was thinking that two huge birds sort of having a conversation over the archway would look good."

and the owner says,

"Hmmm, well, er, hmmm. Okay."

I will actually sort myself out to put some proper historical information about this door here later - until them you can imagine whatever you like! These doors always make me laugh, even on the days when I'm in a foul mood I can't walk past them without a giggle.
Edited to add - another photo and a tiny bit of info here:

By the way, you need to get the scale of this. The "small" doors on the third picture are actually quite large - so the birds are GIGANTIC.


Those birds are awesome! I'm kind of reminded of a Baroque Jim Henson :^D It would have been something he totally would have done :^D Don't they kind of look like Skeksis from the Dark Crystal? :^)

LOL, I immediately thought of Jim Henson as well!
Only I was reminded of 'Labyrinth', with those argumentative door-knockers.
I thought of those too :^D But they look more like the skeksis :^D
You're right, they do.

And those skeksis were pretty darn argumentative too, weren't they?
(the birds just really look like they're bickering, to me)

Wishing I had a Henson-icon now... A Froud one will have to do! ;-)
"Chamberlain! Lay down that sceptor!" I totally heard that in my head when I looked at that picture :^D

And Froud works extremely well :^D
I completely agree. They make me think of "Big Bird" too. Maybe Henson had a past life in Renaissance Prague?
Either that or Henson just spent some time in your beautiful city and got some creative influence :^D

The small doors are for people like me, who would want to sneak in quietly behind the birds' backs, rather than take the chance I'd interrupt their conversation!


OH WOW! That's incredible. How tall do you think those birds are? I'm just trying to get some perspective. Big Bird, indeed!
Thank you so much for posting these fantastic pictures!
You've resolved a dilemma that's been bugging me for ages.

Day of the doors

Don't those Italians just have the best taste!!!!
those are wild ;)
I think you should start a community devoted solely to doors
Thanks! I think there is a community here devoted to doors and windows, but I just haven't had time to visit it yet.