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January 2010



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I'm still trying to solve this Facebook/Livejournal conundrum (love that word)

You know, I'm just not sure I can manage to keep up two blogs, an LJ, my own Facebook and the studio Facebook. I think I need to do more automated feeds somehow - without just inanely twittering all day.

Anyway, for now, I will try! So here is a picture of the studio I just put on our FB page. It's just a snap that I took this morning when I and cat staggered out of bed. He sleeps beside me every night - for more than two years now - and gets up when I do mostly, though sometimes he decides to have a lie in.

It just looked pretty and interesting and I actually managed to get myself together enough, after the first cup of coffee, to grab the camera.

The white and pink bits on the ironing board are two amazing antique costumes that will be used for our upcoming Bohemian Cats project (upcoming meaning beginning in the late autumn realistically). I need to work out how to clean the white one - astounding Victorian wedding dress but I think it was in someone's attic for years.

The wrap on the model is one of our early tests - only half printed up but gives an idea. These wraps are becoming wonderful - I love them.

The three panels are our "sketch prints" of three new messenger and laptop panels that we're working on. Sometimes the only way to design them is to run off some actual sized prints on the real canvas and hang them over a bag. Still lots to do on these before they are ready to go - but again, you can get some idea of what we're playing with.

The drawers are how we organise the small bags. And the books are how I organise my mind.


I really love old textiles. These particular dresses we won't cut - the fabric is very delicate but mainly the dresses are too special. But we will photograph them on models for Bohemian Cats, the sequel (actually, it's not that at all, it's an entirely new project and not a book). My only problem is finding some way to clean the silk wedding dress, because it's SO dusty I'm not sure a model would agree to wear it.

I agree with you about social networking - there is just too much to keep up with. I really like LJ and the people I have met here, so I do want to try to keep it up, if maybe not as often as before (not that I was ever a daily poster).
What is your FB name?
We're Clarity Artists should you want to add us. :-)
I'm Baba Studio. And yes, I'd love to add you. I'll go and look now as I am up to my ears in Victorian paintings and need a break (some of them are SO boring!)
Whatever you do, I hope you decide to continue on with LJ :). I'm on FB, too, but enjoy reading your posts here on LJ.

Sometimes I find it easier if I am on a writing streak to write a few posts and then spread them out over a longer period of time. (Not for lj, but for blogs w/themes.) I also do this b/c it's not a bad idea to let a post sit awhile if it's about something serious and it's going to be public.