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January 2010



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If you're looking for Baba Studio, Baba Store, or for Karen and Alex...

If you're looking for us, I'm afraid we can't be found very often on Livejournal these days. Here are current sites where you can get in touch, see what we're doing and have a chat. See you there!


Our shops -

Baba Store

Base currency is Euros but you can switch currency to USD or British pounds.

Amazon UK - large, expanding selection. (GB£)

Amazon France - great selection, slightly different from the Amazon.uk range (Euro)

Main shop on Etsy (USD$)

Laptop bag shop on Etsy

Bohemian Cats shop on Etsy (USD$)

Follow us -

Baba Studio on Facebook

Karen's Facebook

Twitter (we only tweet occasionally)

"The Wild Coast of Bohemia"  the studio blog

"Making Dreams Work" blog


I miss you here.
Please consider Facebook - or at least just reading even if you don't post. Our Baba Studio pages on FB are completely open, I think you don't even need to join.

I just find trying to keep up with everything a bit too much, especially as we have so many design projects on the go, so I decided largely to let LJ go. But I miss you too!
I find FB so tremendously impersonal, like chit-chat at the bust stop but perhaps that's just my perception. Here one can delve deeper. I understand busy but yeah...I guess I miss the closer interaction LJ affords. For some reason I'm really resistant to FB. Guess I should overcome the prejudice.
I was pleasantly surprised by Facebook, having been very turned off it initially (I joined ages ago but never used to use it). It can be quite personal - although I think the way it seems to work is that people exchange far more private messages and put less in public.

I'd love to go on being active here on LJ, but it's just turned out not to be possible. Alex and I seem permanently to have too much to do, so some things just get pushed back.
Well I see you have both a baba studio FB and a Karen FB...I might be enticed over there just to keep up with you but LJ is my heart home. There's a lot of my life on these pages.
If I do sign up at FB I'll let you know.
*hugs* for you

I want to visit Prague (and you mostly) so much...Carolyn and I should go together.
Me too, although I am on Facebook, but I just don't relate to it that well.
I find Facebook easier for now - somehow it takes up less time.

I need to email you about the wrap - those comments were very helpful, thanks, and you largely confirmed what I think.
Oh good, I was afraid I had offended you by being too blunt!
No, not at all - I'd rather you said what you honestly think. If I was satisfied with the wraps as they are, I would have put some on the shop. But I'd rather wait and work more on them. We've just sent off a file to be printed on silk - at vast expense (the fabric isn't the expense, it's the print technology) so we'll see how that turns out!

It's frustrating, because I think the graphic work is beautiful - but it may take some time to get the fabric right (the sewing is much less of a problem as we have already arranged hand-rolling for the final production). Oh well - it'll get there, and I'm learning lots.
the wrap thing
if you put a light guaze (sp) layer over the bright printing
say a gold transparent sparkle ?

you have been buzy
i'd love to see how you've adapted to the new place

is that over in the album section of face book?

the corset looks sweet
great job!
We miss you too!

I wonder though, if you know that there are a couple of plug in that will cross post what you put up on the studio blog and/or facebook to LJ... :)

(I've just added you at FB though, as Ilus Elu)