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The wild coast of Bohemia

Notes from Baba Studio, Prague

Some of my journal is now "friends only" for various reasons. But if you would like to be added please just let me know.

I'm not always wonderful at noticing who has "friended" me, so if I don't friend you back it probably just means you need to tell me you're there!
Our main online shop is baba-store. It sells 'baba studio' products, particularly bags of many kinds (all our own designs of course), Magic Realist Press publications, and things made around a variety of the rare, the beautiful or the simply bizarre stuff that we find.

We now also have an Etsy shop, which is smaller but fun in its own way.
We are in the very first years of building a design and publishing company here in Prague. The idea is to grow into a design movement that changes the world (er, em, well it's not a bad aim, and how knows?) We more or less live in the studio - like anyone getting design and art work off the ground, but when we DO go out, we find we are also living the the oldest and most beautiful part of Prague.

We're both refugees from Brand and Corporate Design - too many years of doing it (and too much to say about this). But we are also both optimistic dreamers - maybe we have read too many fairytales - or perhaps not enough. We both believe that anything is possible - no, really ANYTHING. Why not? One of us is Russian, the other is Irish, so a certain love of alternative realities is in the blood.

Magic Realist Press is our final arrival at what we actually WANT to do. All that remains is to make it happen...it takes a bit of time and humour (and a houseful of cats seems to help too).

You can find our various websites via http://www.magic-realist.com

Or take a look at http://www.baba-baba.com

Our Myspace (oh, the dreaded Myspace) is http://myspace.com/babastudio

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